Why have surgery with the latest technology?

The LenSx is a femtosecond laser, ie, it produces energy pulses lasting very, very short (equivalent to 0.0000000000008 seconds). This fired at a rate of millions of shots produces a delicate tissue separation without producing heat or damage to healthy tissue.


The LenSx is an advanced technology representing the largest and latest advancement in cataract surgery and presbyopia. It is a high precision instrument that allows the surgeon to customize the surgery for each eye of each patient with an unprecedented level of precision.

With the LenSx replace the incisions with blades and fracture of the cataract into small pieces like no other technology could do. The accuracy of the laser with programming through sophisticated digital technology allows us to do in the eye exactly what we have planned.

This laser is guided by high-resolution images that allow operation plan and facilitate the surgeon the extraction of cataract fragments.

Videomicroscopy guided surgical planning to delimit laser incisions.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract is an opacity that develops in the lens of the eye within the lens. This lens is responsible for focusing images within the eye, the retina level, and in this way to see more clearly and sharpness.

The progressive clouding of the lens causes a reduction in visual quality. The severity can range from discrete changes in vision, until full opacity.

The normal common cause which produces most of the cataracts, is the aging of the lens. Other causes include: the uncontrolled sugar in diabetics, by the use of steroids or as early in high myopic or as a result of the treatment of systemic diseases, trauma, radiation, and even congenital reasons.

The treatment of cataracts is not new and dates back since ancient papyri exist that described cataract diagnosis and treatments to prevent blindness.

With technological advancement, it made ​​it to the verge of removing the opaque lens microscopic incisions, and injectable intraocular lens implantation improving recovery times from months to days, and allowing the vision back to patients, thanks to lenses high technology and the skill and experience of the surgeon, which can correct: myopia, astigmatism, farsightedness and presbyopia in some cases.

We have reached a new era where the most critical of cataract surgery are computer designed and guided by the accuracy and precision of the laser, where the possibility of human error is reduced, increasing the chances of success.

For more than 10 years are recommended to operate the cataracts while arriving at maturity, so much, so that today, thanks to modern techniques of phacoemulsification cataract fragmentation Laser LenSx this condition can be treated safely and precision under earlier or when the cataract is just beginning and you have the opportunity to put high-tech lenses that can give distance vision, near and in some cases also treat astigmatism.


When you operate cataract or presbyopia with LenSx, you are getting the following benefits:

  • First Laser cataract with FDA approval Total (Trust)
  • Procedure without injections or scalpel
  • Advanced technology (image-guided)
  • Greater accuracy
  • Greater accuracy
  • Innovation (NEW)
  • Is the answer to fears of the Cataract Patient. (Will I be operate with Laser?)
  • Refractive Results (Visual)
  • Increases the predictability of Distant Vision Correction
  • Control of induced astigmatism
  • Final position of the IOL
  • Favors the correction of Presbyopia (Surgeon)

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