FAQs for Patients That Have Used LenSx Technology

1. Do I have the option to choose between several types of cataract procedures?

Currently there are 2 methods and treatment with the most advanced LenSx Worldwide.

2. What do you think about cataract surgery using LenSx?

Currently is the best choice to be more accurate and safer.

3. What is the difference between traditional surgery and cataract surgery using laser LenSx?

There are phases of cataract surgery that are critical to achieve the best result. LenSx surgery in many of these phases are done by computer which ensures accuracy and increases the safety of the procedure

4. How safe is this technique? Is the first technology

Fully approved by the FDA to treat the critical phases of cataract surgery.

5. Is any of these surgeries more effective than others?

It has been shown that LenSx surgery is more predictable and reproducible than 100% cataract manual.

6. How long is the recovery process if any?

Usually recommend a week to return to the workplace, but it will depend on your doctor.

7. Is everyone a candidate for surgery bladeless, computer-controlled using the laser refractive cataract LenSx?

In most cases yes, but always necessary valuation appointment for surgery to be examined by your ophthalmologist will determine if you are a candidate for surgery.

If you have additional questions consult our page FAQ Related to Cataract.