Learn About the New Surgical Microscope OPMI Lumera 700

Currently the new OPMI Lumera 700, is the most advanced surgical microscope that exists in the ophthalmic industry, which provides greater clarity and depth perception during cataract surgery, offering the patient the best results post-surgery.

Compared with conventional microscopes, the OPMI Lumera 700 features a patented lighting system called Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI), which sends two parallel rays of light to the visual pathways. This eliminates corneal recoil and provides a crisp, stable and nuances revealing objects in the eye that could not be previewed in real time during surgery.

Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI) greatly enhances contrast and depth perception, which allows surgeons to more easily identify small anatomic structures of the eye, such as corneal epithelium and fine folds in the posterior capsule lens.

Besides technology, Lumera OPMI microscope is the first of its kind to provide specific features to improve workflow processes within the operating room:

  • Ergonomic Wireless controls and hands-free system, which can operate smoothly.
  • A second, independently controlled microscope through which an assistant or apprentice can see the surgery, and a central information and control terminal with touchscreen for a "paperless" operation room.
  • A video monitor displays high-definition real-time operation with incredible detail, providing the entire surgical team with a reliable source of information throughout the procedure.

OPMI Lumera 700 can be used in surgical procedures of retina and glaucoma, including: vitrectomy and membrane shell photocoagulation (retina), trabeculectomy surgery and drainage implant (glaucoma). The display system resight fundus allows the surgeon to see the back of the patient's eye with unprecedented detail and brilliance.