Visual Health

10 Tips for Haelth and Visual Ergonomics

consulta1. There must approach in excess read or write, or tilt or rotate your head or back. Performs all activities close to the same distance between your elbow and first knuckle of the middle finger.

2. When performing near tasks must be aware of your surroundings.

3. To facilitate good posture when reading or writing is desirable that the plane of the table has an inclination of about 20 degrees.

4. Do not read or you study when you're too tired or about to sleep. Neither read or study any more up in the morning, wait at least an hour if possible.

5. When you read, from time to time, looks away some image (numbers from a calendar, for example)

6. When you study, place a mark three or four pages later and to get to it get up and move at least a minute.

7. Use ambient lighting in the room, and another focused on the task but perform closely or dazzle you (on your left righties and lefties on the right)

8. Do not watch the TV at a distance of less than 2 to 2.5 meters and be sure to maintain good posture. You must have lit the room, never dark.

9. When you go drive prevents reading or other activities closely, it is preferable to look away.

10. It is convenient to make a study optometric each year or when you notice eyestrain, headaches, distortions on your distance vision or near or decreasing your performance at school or work.